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Booking System for Veterinarians

Vet appointment scheduling software designed for pet surgeries. Planfy handles online bookings, SMS reminders, record management and marketing of vet clinics - try it FREE.

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Woman veterinarian with stethoscope checking small dogs health at vet surgery.
Vet testing small kitten's breathing with stethoscope at vetterinarian clinic.
Vet checking small kitten's breathing with stethoscope at vetterinarian clinic.

Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Software

Planfy is bringing innovation to the world of pets and their carers. Our technology revolutionises and simplifies the way vet appointments are booked. It makes vet surgery management more streamlined and efficient. For instance, every staff member "owns" an interactive online calendar via which they can quickly add and edit appointments and where new online bookings automatically appear.

In addition, our in-depth reporting tools help you track the key statistics and give you insights on how your vet clinic is performing, so you can make better informed decisions.

Our platform helps pet owners stay informed about the upcoming vet appointments, so they don't have to call the vet clinic because this information is readily available online 24/7. We also notify them via SMS and Email about any due appointments

Furthermore, if a short notice vet appointment is needed, Planfy allows pet owners to quickly book appointments using any computer or mobile phone. It only takes a moment to book a vet.

SMS Reminders
Vet booking system being used on mobile and laptop computer.

Smarter Vet Bookings

It takes seconds to schedule a veterinary appointment on Planfy. This saves time for the clinic and pet owners. Bookings can be placed 24/7 using any computer or mobile device.

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Appointment Booked
Vet clinics and their staff have dedicated online calendars which clearly indicate the schedule for the upcoming days. New bookings have to be confirmed by staff or a manager, however, if you want to accept all new bookings automatically, you can enable the "auto-confirmation" feature.
Planfy allows veterinarians to accept bookings from many different sources.

Vet Bookings via Multiple Sources

If your veterinary surgery has a website or any of the popular social media profiles, Planfy can easily integrate with them and help you automatically schedule vet appointments incoming from many different channels. One platform for managing all your vet bookings.

Get a free tailored website for your vet surgery. It presents the key information about your clinic and allows your customers to schedule appointments with your clinic.

Veterinary Surgery Website

We will create a tailored profile for your vet clinic which presents key information such as veterinary services provided, opening times, team and contacts. This is also a page via which pet owners will be able to schedule vet appointments with your surgery.

Visually pleasing and easy to understand calendar for vets which makes appointment scheduling and management hassle-free.

Online Calendar for Vets

Planfy calendar helps veterinary teams to see the agenda of their clinics. Appointments are clearly displayed and everyone is in the loop on how busy each team member is. Our vet calendar is a great way to organise and delegate tasks. You can easily schedule or amend appointments when on the go since all you need is a mobile phone.

Dramatically reduce no-shows at your veterinary surgery by keeping pet owners informed via SMS and Email notifications.

SMS & Email Reminders for Pet Owners

It is often the case that pet owners forget about vet appointments and miss them which causes additional costs for vet surgeries. Planfy booking system minimises the occurence of no-shows by keeping pet owners informed. We send email and SMS notifications to pet owners reminding them about vet appointments. Further, each pet owner has an online account where all vet appointment information is available.

Create a digital customer database for vet surgery and grow it automatically.

Grow Customer Base

Planfy automatically builds a digital customer database without any extra admin work involved. The system adds all pet owners who book appointments with your clinic to your personal customer base. This data is manageable and helps you keep a more personal contact with pet owners. For instance, the system can ask pet owners for testimonials, surveys or even send customised e-cards for that special day i.e. pet birthday.

Strengthen your vet clinic's presence online by using our easy to use marketing tools.

Veterinary Clinic Marketing

Our marketing technology and promotional tools help you spread the word about your vet surgery to larger audiences and ultimately boost your clinic's visibility online. In addition, Planfy helps you collect and share testimonials, awareness stories, advertise promotional offers and vet services on Planfy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other media platforms.

Dedicate More Time For What Truly Matters

Our research indicates that the automation of appointment scheduling using Planfy vet booking system significantly decreases the administration tasks associated with appointment arrangements, reduces costs, minimises missed appointments and overall helps run the vet surgery smoother.

In addition, due to the improvements in efficiency, veterinarians can dedicate more time for the things that truly matter which is taking care of pets' well-being.

Encourage pet owners to book regular veterinary appointments for their pets.

Remind Pet Owners to Book Regular Vet Appointments

  • Automatically dispatch email, SMS and letter messages to owners reminding them to schedule vet checkups and vaccine appointments for their pets.
  • Get insights into how your recall campaigns are performing and customise templates to improve the response rate.
  • Recall messages link pet owners to a simple to use booking form where they can book your veterinary services in seconds.

Transparent Pricing

We do not charge any commission per booking.

per month
Excl. VAT
250 Online Bookings
Up to 1 Staff Calendars
50 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Reservation and Customer Management System
Customer Recalls
SMS and Email
Client Self Service Widget 24/7
Bookings via Your Website, Facebook and Instagram
Booking Widget, SMS and Email Translations
Google Calendar Syncing
Customer Support via Live Chat
per month
Excl. VAT
1500 Online Bookings
Up to 10 Staff Calendars
250 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Management of 5 Resources
Customer Recalls SMS, Email and Letters
Advanced Customer Record Forms
Online Payments and Deposits
SMS and Email Template Editor
Statistics and Reports
Multi-level User Permissions
Business Marketing Tools
NFC and QR Code Window Stickers
Customer Support via Phone
per month
Excl. VAT
Unlimited Online Bookings
Up to 50 Staff Calendars
750 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Management of 50 Resources
Automated Customer Recalls SMS, Email and Letters
Bespoke Customer Record Forms
System Customisation Based on your requirements!
Profit Maximiser
(Dynamic Service Pricing)
Hidden "Powered by Planfy" Badge
Direct Developer Support
Tailored Mobile App (PWA)

1. Prices are in GBP

2. * SMS Credits are added to your account monthly. If you go over the monthly SMS Credits allowance, you can Top-up for 0.05 GBP per SMS CREDIT. Click here to see SMS CREDIT rates per country.

3. No long contracts so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subcription anytime via your Business Portal.

Professional service booking system which works on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Easily accept online bookings using app.
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