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Planfy business calendar showing bookings and appointments for a current week. Planfy dashboard displaying how booking details are changed.

Utilise Multichannel Online Bookings

  • Accept bookings from numerous channels including your website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Provide easier booking experience for your clients by allowing them to schedule services on their phones in seconds.
  • Even in after hours, you can get more bookings by utilising client self service. Clients can see your free slots and book services 247 based on accurate real-time staff availability.
SMS & Email
Planfy boosts your business visibility online by allowing your customers to book and schedule appointments with you via Google, Facebook and other channels using their mobiles and tablets. Planfy online booking process showing how users select services they want to book. Planfy booking widget showing how user selects staff they want to book. Planfy date and time picker showing user the available slots for the appointment. Planfy booking status message indicating that booking has been successfully confirmed.

Manage Your Business, Staff & Customer Base

  • Easily control staff schedule, services offered & availability, and keep team updated on the business agenda.
  • Build customer database so you can contact clients, ask for testimonials & incentivise them to book your services again.
  • Get automated reports & insights about the performance of your business.
  • Boost your company's visibility online & promote it via social media sites, SMS and email marketing.
Planfy business dashboard displaying how users can manage their business and see reports on how well company is performing.

Automated SMS Reminders, Confirmations & Updates

  • Minimise no-shows by sending automated SMS & email reminders to your clients whose appointments are due.
  • Assure clients that bookings were successfully accepted by sending SMS confirming their appointment details.
  • Keep customers up-to-date when bookings are changed. Our system automatically informs clients about changes which affect their booking.
A mobile phone with new SMS from Planfy system informing client about upcoming appointments and any changes to their booking.

Get More Returning Customers with Recalls

  • Easily send email, SMS and letter recalls to your past customers & encourage them to book your services again.
  • Track conversion of your recall campaigns & see how much extra bookings and revenue it's bringing to your business.
  • Customise recall templates to match your brand's look & feel.
Planfy helps you send recall/follow-up SMS, emails and letters to your clients.

Collect In-depth Data with Custom Forms

  • Utilise advanced forms and store any type of data about customers & appointments. You can even upload files such as scans & patient prescriptions.
  • Get deeper insights with historical data & save time by using the recorded information to automate generation of reports & statistics.
  • If you need a custom form to collect a specific set of data, please contact us via live chat or email [email protected] & we will create a bespoke form just for your business.
Advanced customer forms help you collect in-depth information about appointments.

Quick Scan & Book QR Codes

  • We provide booking QR codes which allow your customers to easily book your services by scanning the codes with their mobile phones.
  • QR codes can be added to your business front doors or windows so passersby can check your real-time availability & book your services even after working hours.
  • It's recommended to add QR codes to any of your marketing campaigns. For instance, if your business has any adverts in magazines or newspapers, QR codes allow readers to check your availability & book your services in seconds.
Planfy provides QR codes which help your customers book appointments quickly by scanning the QR codes.

Built-in Video Call Bookings

  • Adapt to social distancing rules by utilising Planfy video conferencing software.
  • Allow your customers to schedule video call consultations based on your real-time availability.
  • Arrange virtual team & client meetings without high costs.
  • Make your business more cost-effective & reduce travel expenses.
Schedule video call consultations using Planfy video conferencing software.

Learn to use the system in minutes

Planfy system is intuitive and easy to use. We are always ready to help if you have any questions.

Planfy allows clients to accept payments online or in person.

Online & POS Payments

Automatically accept online payments via client self service or allow customers to pay at the point of sale, i.e. in person. You can also require full upfront payments or partial deposits.

Planfy booking platform is great for beauty salons, medical practices, professionals and effectively any type of businesses and service providers.

Suitable for Variety of Industries

Planfy is utilised by both online and local businesses which aim to operate more efficiently and provide pleasant booking experiences. If your business has any custom requirements, we can tailor the solution to meet them.

Planfy software is available globally and supports over 24 languages.

Supports 24+ Languages

Our system works globally so we've translated it into 24+ popular languages. If your language is not supported yet, let us know and we will be glad to implement the translation.

Tailored Mobile Apps for Your Business

Get a dedicated mobile app matching your brand so your customers can book your services even quicker & easier.

Tailored mobile apps which match your company's look and feel and allow your clients to book your services even quicker.

Transparent Pricing

We do not charge any commission per booking.

per month
Excl. VAT
250 Online Bookings
Up to 1 Staff Calendars
50 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Reservation and Customer Management System
Customer Recalls
SMS and Email
Client Self Service Widget 24/7
Bookings via Your Website, Facebook and Instagram
Booking Widget, SMS and Email Translations
Google Calendar Syncing
Customer Support via Live Chat
per month
Excl. VAT
1500 Online Bookings
Up to 10 Staff Calendars
250 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Management of 5 Resources
Customer Recalls SMS, Email and Letters
Advanced Customer Record Forms
Online Payments and Deposits
SMS and Email Template Editor
Statistics and Reports
Multi-level User Permissions
Business Marketing Tools
NFC and QR Code Window Stickers
Customer Support via Phone
per month
Excl. VAT
Unlimited Online Bookings
Up to 50 Staff Calendars
750 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Management of 50 Resources
Automated Customer Recalls SMS, Email and Letters
Bespoke Customer Record Forms
System Customisation Based on your requirements!
Profit Maximiser
(Dynamic Service Pricing)
Hidden "Powered by Planfy" Badge
Direct Developer Support
Tailored Mobile App (PWA)

1. Prices are in GBP

2. * SMS Credits are added to your account monthly. If you go over the monthly SMS Credits allowance, you can Top-up for 0.05 GBP per SMS CREDIT. Click here to see SMS CREDIT rates per country.

3. No long contracts so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subcription anytime via your Business Portal.

Professional service booking system which works on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Easily accept online bookings using app.
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