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Booking System for Massage Therapists

Planfy is a modern appointment scheduling software built specifically to suit the requirements of massage therapists. Try it FREE.

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Delighted massage therapist saves time with Planfy booking platform.
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Online Booking & Appointment Management Software

Start your customer relationship on a positive note by offering your customers a pleasant booking experience from the very start. Our booking system provides a great user experience so your clients understand exactly what massage services they are booking and they feel secure in checkout phase.

Get discovered by new customers and allow them to book your massage therapy services online at their convenient time (24/7). Just a few simple clicks and your clients' appointments will be sent directly to your calendar.

No special equipment required, all you need is a computer or a smart phone.

SMS Reminders
Online booking platform for massage therapists which is compatible with most laptops and smartphones.

Easy Massage Bookings

Through extensive user testing the Planfy team have developed a smooth and enjoyable massage therapy booking experience for your clients.

RecoWell Massage Clinic
Choose Service
Choose Staff
First Available
Aaron Sports Massage Therapist
Emma Reflexology Massage Therapist
Olivia Swedish Massage Therapist
Sophie Aromatherapy Massage Therapist
Jamie Deep Tissue Massage Therapist
Select Time
Massage Booked
Accept or decline your new bookings as they come in, alternatively you can enable auto-confirmation.
Easily schedule massage therapy bookings via your website or social media.

Multi-source Therapy Bookings

Planfy massage therapy booking system allows you to accept, manage and schedule message therapy appointments originating from various sources such as Facebook, Google, Planfy and of course your website. In addition, it's extremely easy to add Planfy to many website CMSs.

Free website for massage therapy salon.

Webpage for Massage Therapists

We host an seo friendly webpage for your massage therapy salon so your customers can easily find you online. Give your customers a good understanding of what you do with pictures of your treatments and a clear list of services that your customers can book in seconds. It's always great to show off your interior to further encourage customers to choose you over competitors.

Massage therapists can manage appointments using Planfy calendar.

Interactive Calendar

Migrate your paper based appointments to Planfy and reap the benefits of a modern cloud based diary. Your staff and customers will be able see their own appointments on their mobile phones and you will be able to check in and monitor how your business is performing when you are on the go.

Minimise no-shows to massage therapies by informing clientele about upcoming massage treatments.

Text & Email Notifications

SMS reminders are proven to minimise no shows and give customers a more personal experience. Reduce no shows, look professional and improve customer experience prior to the massage session by reminding your clientele about their upcoming bookings.

Planfy encourages repeat massage therapy bookings.

More Loyal Clients

Planfy maximises repeat business by reminding customers about upcoming appointments and also advising them to book your services again at the optimal time i.e. when they most likely to need the service.

Spread the word about your photo services via wide range of channels.

Promote Your Massage Therapies

We have worked with numerious massage and holistic treatment specialists to build a solution that helps therapists to promote their services on social media websites, also via SMS and Email marketing.

Let Planfy Aid You In Running Your Business

By using Planfy booking software you can run your business more efficiently since you don't need to waste valuable time on the phone to clients and you can still give them a great personal experience.

Keep your massage therapists doing what they do best and let Planfy take care of your bookings. Our easy to use booking system allows you to see in a glance all incoming appointments in real time and helps you to monitor how your business and staff are performing.

Massage therapists use Planfy to contact their customers automatically reminding them to book again.

Remind Clients To Use Your Services Again

  • Planfy enables massage therapists to contact existing & past clients and incentivise them to book services again.
  • Automate the sending of email, SMS & letter recalls to remind your clients to book your massage services on a regular basis.
  • Customise your recall templates inline with the language & branding of your massage business.

Transparent Pricing

We do not charge any commission per booking.

per month
Excl. VAT
250 Online Bookings
Up to 1 Staff Calendars
50 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Reservation and Customer Management System
Customer Recalls
SMS and Email
Client Self Service Widget 24/7
Bookings via Your Website, Facebook and Instagram
Booking Widget, SMS and Email Translations
Google Calendar Syncing
Customer Support via Live Chat
per month
Excl. VAT
1500 Online Bookings
Up to 10 Staff Calendars
250 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Management of 5 Resources
Customer Recalls SMS, Email and Letters
Advanced Customer Record Forms
Online Payments and Deposits
SMS and Email Template Editor
Statistics and Reports
Multi-level User Permissions
Business Marketing Tools
NFC and QR Code Window Stickers
Customer Support via Phone
per month
Excl. VAT
Unlimited Online Bookings
Up to 50 Staff Calendars
750 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Management of 50 Resources
Automated Customer Recalls SMS, Email and Letters
Bespoke Customer Record Forms
System Customisation Based on your requirements!
Profit Maximiser
(Dynamic Service Pricing)
Hidden "Powered by Planfy" Badge
Direct Developer Support
Tailored Mobile App (PWA)

1. Prices are in GBP

2. * SMS Credits are added to your account monthly. If you go over the monthly SMS Credits allowance, you can Top-up for 0.05 GBP per SMS CREDIT. Click here to see SMS CREDIT rates per country.

3. No long contracts so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subcription anytime via your Business Portal.

Professional service booking system which works on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Easily accept online bookings using app.
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