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Booking System for Beauty Salons

Online booking and beauty treatment scheduling software helping salons to boost their presence online and provide better experience for clients. Try it FREE.

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Woman beautician using planfy booking system for beauty salons.
Woman with make-up and new hair style posing after beauty treatment.
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Easy to Use Booking System for Beauty Professionals

Planfy is reshaping the way beauty salons manage appointments and customers book their beauty treatments. The days of bulky stationary systems, calling to a salon and writing down appointment details in paper diary are gone due to the inneficiency of such practices.

Planfy simplifies the booking process and allows you to manage your salon the easy way. Our system is always up to date and ready to accept bookings 24/7.

The software is web based and works on most computers or mobile devices, so your entire team of staff can manage appointments when on the go and also your clients can book your beauty services wherever they are 24/7.

Now that's convenient, right? We believe that this is truly the future of service bookings.

SMS Reminders
Appointment scheduling software for beauty salons presented on a mobile and laptop.

Hassle-free Beauty Bookings

Planfy guides your customers through the beauty treatment booking journey. It's quick, easy and pleasant experience. Anyone can do it in a couple taps.

Delighted woman smiling after beauty treatment. Woman model posing with a new hair style and make-up after appointment in a beauty salon.
JK Beauty Atelier
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Select Time
Service Booked
Planfy system is also flexible when it comes to salon diary management, so you are not required to keep updating your calendar every day. Our "manual confirmation" technology automatically notifies you when a new booking is placed and asks you to accept or re-negotiate it with a customer. This means that you and your staff stay in control at all times.
Planfy accepts salon bookings from a wide range of 3rd party website.

Bookings from Many Sources

Our booking system for beauty salons can integrate with any bespoke or CMS website. Planfy makes it easy to accept bookings via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other media sites. So, all you need is one Planfy account to easily accept and manage bookings from a range of different sources.

You can get a professional mini website for your beauty salon.

Profile for Your Beauty Salon

We'll create a beautiful and professional profile for your beauty salon which will present your beauty services, the interior of the salon, your team of staff and also a portfolio of your "best-work". This will make your salon stand out online and bring your more clients.

Planfy calendar is easy to use and helps you overview and organise your beauty salon's agenda quickly.

Up-to-Date Calendar

Our smart cloud based staff calendar makes lives of beauty professionals so much easier. It allows you to quickly schedule new appointments, manage existing ones and instantly sync this data with your other devices, so you always have a clear picture of the business agenda.

Notify customers about upcoming beauty treatment appointments with your salon via SMS and Email.

Text & Email Notifications

Planfy keeps your customers informed and minimises no-shows. Our system reminds your clients about booked beauty treatments both prior and post the appointment. The former helps to reduce the probability of client forgeting about the appointment and the latter helps to encourage repeat business i.e. new bookings.

Automatically build your customer database every time you receive a beauty treatment booking.

Essential Customer Database

Another advantage of Planfy cloud based booking platform is the customer management tools. As opposed to classic salon diaries, our system builds your customer database, so you never lose your customers and can keep in touch with them, ask for feedback, build relationships and incentivise new beauty treatment bookings. For instance, we can deliver personal special day e-cards to your clients with a "best wishes" message and include a gratitude discount code.

We help your beauty salon shine online and advertise your beauty treatments on social networks.

Beauty Salon Marketing

Planfy significantly improves your salon's visibility online. With our help you can not only be well established on the "High Street" but also stand out from the crowd and have a strong presence online as well. Futhermore, we aim to boost your beauty salon's social profiles by providing the tools and tips on how to reach out and engage with your existing followers and also aqcuire new ones.

Get Fully Setup in Minutes

Planfy booking system is intuitive & easy to use. We have a variety of user guides and our support team is always ready to help you.

Less Admin & More Time For Superior Beauty Treatments

We'll automate appointment scheduling process for your salon and simplify staff management so you have fewer things to worry about and can dedicate your precious time to the core of the business i.e. providing amazing beauty treatments to your customers.

Planfy booking system improves efficiency of your salon, gives insights how business is performing, allows you to service more customers and provide more personal experience and overall increases the bottom line of your beauty salon.

Beauty salons use planfy system to send follow up messages to customers in order to increase the number of repeat bookings.

Recall Your Customers Via Emails, SMS & Letters

  • Increase the number of returning customers to your beauty salon by sending them follow-up emails, SMS and letters.
  • Use our default follow-up templates or create your own recall messages tailored specifically for your salon.
  • Monitor the effect of recall campaigns on your beauty salon's bottom line, the number of returning customers and bookings.

Simple & Fair Pricing

No commission per booking - so you always know what you pay.

per month
Excl. VAT
250 Online Bookings
Up to 1 Staff Calendars
50 SMS Credits Incl. * (Confirmations & Reminders)
Appointment & Customer Management System
Customer Recalls
SMS & Email
Client Self Service 24/7
Bookings via Your Website, Facebook & Instagram
Booking Widget, SMS & Email Translations
Google Calendar Syncing
Live Chat Support
per month
Excl. VAT
1500 Online Bookings
Up to 10 Staff Calendars
250 SMS Credits Incl. * (Confirmations & Reminders)
Management of 5 Resources
Customer Recalls SMS, Email & Letters
Advanced Customer Record Forms
Online Payments & Deposits
SMS & Email Template Editor
Statistics & Reports
Multi-level User Permissions
Business Marketing Tools
NFC & QR Window Stickers
Phone Support
per month
Excl. VAT
Unlimited Online Bookings
Up to 50 Staff Calendars
750 SMS Credits Incl. * (Confirmations & Reminders)
Management of 50 Resources
Automated Customer Recalls SMS, Email & Letters
Bespoke Customer Record Forms
System Customisation Based on your requirements!
Profit Maximiser
(Dynamic Service Pricing)
No "Powered by Planfy" Badge
Direct Developer Support
Tailored Mobile App (PWA)

1. Prices are in USD

2. * SMS Credits are added to your account monthly. If you go over the monthly SMS Credits allowance, you can Top-up for 0.07 USD per SMS CREDIT. Click here to see SMS CREDIT rates per country.

3. No long contracts so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subcription anytime via your Business Portal.

Professional appointment booking system on your iPad or a phone. Accept online bookings with Planfy.
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