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Booking System for Hair Salons

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Side portrait of a woman client showing her new hair style after booking a hair salon appointment via Planfy.
Female customer posing with newly added hair extensions and beautifully styled hair.

Next Generation Hair Salon Software

Planfy is a truly future-proof and innovative hair salon software that helps salons big and small thrive online and optimise their day-to-day operations.

Allow perspective and existing customers to book your services online at their convenience. Set your availability times in a couple of clicks and customers will easily find the perfect time that suits you and them in moments. Appointment scheduling has never been that accessible.

Bookings can be accepted 24/7 and your hair salon has the full control of availability times, team members, services offered and prices. Depending on your salon's policy, you can require upfront, partial or "in-person" payments.

Furthermore, our software is a cross-device solution meaning that it's usable from any browser on any computer, mobile phone or tablet. You don't need to purchase any additional equipment.

SMS Reminders
Hair salon appointment scheduling and staff management is easy when using Planfy booking system. It's a truly cross-platform solution that works on computers and mobile phones.

Future of Hair Salon Bookings

Our mission is to make hair salon bookings a quick and pleasant experience for customers and salons. With Planfy, services can be booked in under 20 seconds and booking handling can be fully automated on the salon side thereby saving time for clients and staff.

AH Luxurious Hair Salon
Choose Service
Choose Staff
First Available
Sarah Hair Stylist
Martin Hairdresser
Camilla Senior Stylist
Kathie Hair Stylist
Janet Senior Haidresser
Select Time
Service Booked
By default every time a new booking is placed, you are alerted and asked for your final decision on the appointment, that is, if you want to confirm or reject it. If you'd like to automate this process, enable the "auto-confirmation" feature.
Manage all hair salon bookings from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using Planfy dashboard.

Multi-source Online Bookings

Planfy centralises all your bookings, so you can accept and manage online, offline and multi-channel bookings using single easy-to-use dashboard. Planfy integrates with most websites meaning you can accept bookings from your website, Facebook, Twitter, Planfy platform, Squarespace, Wix and others.

Planfy hair salon profile advertises salon services and can be a great and cost-effective substitute for most hair salon websites.

Hair Salon Webpage

In order to boost your visibility online and bring you more customers, Planfy provides a dedicated and mobile friendly webpage for your hair salon. It promotes your services and displays valuable information such as opening hours, contact details, directions to your salon and staff portfolios. It is the gateway via which clients can book your services and pay in advance.

With Planfy calendar, hair salon staff can manage their appointments quickly.

Employee Calendar

All hair salon employees receive their own login credentials using which they can access and modify their schedule in a couple of simple clicks. Since Planfy calendar is based in the cloud, it is always up to date and accessible from any computer or mobile phone so you and your team can manage bookings and organise tasks wherever you are.

Automatically alert clientele about their upcoming bookings and reduce no-shows.

Automated SMS Reminders

Eliminate any loss of revenue or wasted staff resources due to no-shows. Make it the thing of the past by sending automated SMS and email reminders to clients before their appointment. This is not only a cost-effective way to minimise no-shows but it also builds a stronger relationship with the client and improves overall customer experience.

Grow hair salon customer database organically and retain more customers with Planfy crm tools.

Customer Relationship Management

Grow your customer database organically and know your clients better. Our system presents a history of your customers' past orders so you can see at a glance how much revenue each client brings to the hair salon. The latter statistics combined with our retention tools such as "next booking reminders" and "special day offers" can significantly lift valuable customer retention rate and maximise profits of your hair salon.

Boost your hair salon's visibility online and attract more followers.

Salon Marketing

We equip you with the tools that help create a buzz about your hair salon and promote it online. Thanks to Planfy's hair salon marketing assets, reaching out to your customers, engaging them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and encouraging to book your services is easily achievable.

Learn to use the system in minutes

Planfy system is intuitive and easy to use. We are always ready to help if you have any questions.

Take The Pain Out Of Hair Salon Administration

Planfy booking system streamlines hair salon day-to-day activities and helps management, as well as staff, to minimise their time spent on administration tasks. Effectively, Planfy is an intelligent virtual hair salon assistant which handles online and offline bookings, reminders, staff schedule and performance monitoring, customer registrations and relationship building, salon marketing and other critical functions.

Best of all, Planfy never rests or takes a day off and has you covered 24/7, empowering your hair salon staff and owners with confidence that business is performing efficiently and that staff can concentrate on providing on outstanding customer service.

Planfy client recall feature is useful for hair salons because it automatically contacts past customers and incentivises them to return to the salon.

More Loyal Clients With Customer Recalls

  • Planfy allows you to easily remind your customers to use your hair salon services again by contacting them via email, SMS and letters.
  • Customer recall campaigns are tracked and give you insights how they influence your hair salon's revenue and repeat bookings.
  • We provide you with ready-to-use recall templates, however you also have the flexibility to create your own recall messages which meet your needs.

Transparent Pricing

We do not charge any commission per booking.

per month
Excl. VAT
250 Online Bookings
Up to 1 Staff Calendars
50 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Reservation and Customer Management System
Customer Recalls
SMS and Email
Client Self Service Widget 24/7
Bookings via Your Website, Facebook and Instagram
Booking Widget, SMS and Email Translations
Google Calendar Syncing
Customer Support via Live Chat
per month
Excl. VAT
1500 Online Bookings
Up to 10 Staff Calendars
250 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Management of 5 Resources
Customer Recalls SMS, Email and Letters
Advanced Customer Record Forms
Online Payments and Deposits
SMS and Email Template Editor
Statistics and Reports
Multi-level User Permissions
Business Marketing Tools
NFC and QR Code Window Stickers
Customer Support via Phone
per month
Excl. VAT
Unlimited Online Bookings
Up to 50 Staff Calendars
750 SMS Credits * (Confirmations and Reminders)
Management of 50 Resources
Automated Customer Recalls SMS, Email and Letters
Bespoke Customer Record Forms
System Customisation Based on your requirements!
Profit Maximiser
(Dynamic Service Pricing)
Hidden "Powered by Planfy" Badge
Direct Developer Support
Tailored Mobile App (PWA)

1. Prices are in GBP

2. * SMS Credits are added to your account monthly. If you go over the monthly SMS Credits allowance, you can Top-up for 0.05 GBP per SMS CREDIT. Click here to see SMS CREDIT rates per country.

3. No long contracts so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subcription anytime via your Business Portal.

Professional service booking system which works on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Easily accept online bookings using app.
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