Website Integration

As a business using Planfy its very important to add the booking form to your website.

We provide various types of booking widget, so choose the one that fits in best with your website.

The widget section of the portal allows you to view each type of widget and customize the colours and text to match your branding:

Popup Widget

Popup widget can be easily added to any website. It doesn't affect your website's layout since it launches as a popup when user clicks the trigger button.

Inline Widget

Inline widget can be embedded directly on a specific page on your website.

You can add it to your pricing page so visitors can see your services, prices & schedule appointments all in one place - via the inline widget.

Widget Page

Your dedicated widget page allows you to start accepting online bookings without any installations. Simply direct your customers to your widget page & they'll be able to book appointments there.

Profile Page

Direct customers to your Planfy booking page & allow clients to schedule appointments.