Booking Policy

The booking policy gives you a lot of control over how you want the online booking process to behave.

Please visit to view all of the options.

Earliest Booking Time

You may not want to commit to appointments so far ahead in the future. This setting allows you to configure how far ahead to accept online bookings.

Staff / Owner Notifications

You can enable / disable email and sms notifications for the owner. Sms are disabled by default to save your sms credits.

Customer Reminders

Configure how you want customer reminders to be sent (sms / email) and how many hours before the appointment you want to send them.


If auto-confirmation is disabled then new bookings will be marked as pending until you manually confirm them. This is enabled by default.

Cancellation Policy

Customers have the ability to cancel their appointments from the confirmation email. The cancellation policy allows you to choose how many hours before the appointment you want to allow this.

Booking Time Slot Interval

The online booking widget displays a list of available time slots. Each of these slots are seperated by a certain interval, e.g. 13:15, 13:30, 13:45 (15 minute interval). Planfy automatically selects this interval based on the services duration. e.g. if a service is 20 minutes long it makes sense for the interval to be 20 minutes. If a service is 60 minutes then Planfy will use 30 minute intervals.

This setting allows you to set a global interval to use for all services.