The Calendar is the first view when you login to Planfy and is probably where you'll spend most of your time. Each staff member has their own calendar and you can switch between them by clicking the tabs.

The date picker at the top allows you to easily switch between dates, the "This Week" button is handy if you want to jump to the current week.

Add Appointment

Click the calendar where you would like to add an appointment and a modal will appear.

For Step 1 you will need to choose a Service, Staff and Time. Most of these will be pre-selected based on your calendar click.

Step 2 is choosing the customer, type in the customers name to see if they are already in the database. Either select the existing customer or click to create a new one. We recommend adding an email address and mobile number when possible.

The final summary step allows you to check everything is correct before saving the appointment.

Existing Appointment

Click an existing appointment to edit it, you can change most of the appointment details. If you need to you can cancel the appointment by clicking the status indicator at the top right of the modal.

Change Working Hours

Each staff has its own default working hours which can be configured from the staff page.

Sometimes you may want to make one off changes to a staff's working hours, to do simply click the top row of the calendar where the date is displayed.