Most businesses provide multiple services to their customers. You can configure your services from:

Each service has a name, price and duration which will be visible to customers when they are booking an appointment.

You can toggle which staff provide each service which will be enforced throughout the system.

Service Padding

Some services require preperation time. You can add before and after padding to any service from the Advanced Tab. This padding time will be taken into account in the list of available times on your online booking widget.

Direct Link

The direct link is available from the Advanced tab and is useful for shortening the process when you know what service a customer wants to book. You can send this directly to clients via email, messenger or even include this on a niche page of your website.

You may also choose to redirect users to a certain url after booking a specific service.

Service Groups

Services can be organised and ordered inside groups. This is only used for presentational purposes and is recommended to make it easier for users to find services.