Google Calendar Sync

2-way calendar sync allows you to sync your appointments to your Google calendar and vice versa.

Appointments synced from Planfy to your Google calendar will include all of the appointment details.

Appointments synced from Google calendar to Planfy are anonymised so you can only see the time and no other information about the event.

This allows you to keep your availablity accurate while keeping the details of your personal appointments private.


Google calendar syncing is setup on a per staff basis.

Go to the staff page and select the staff you would like to sync.

Navigate to the "Advanced" tap and click "Setup Sync".

A box will appear where you can enter the Google email address of the account you would like to link.

An email will then be dispatched to this Google email address to complete authorisation process.

Syncing Time

Syncing does not happen in real-time. It can take about 5-10 minutes for an appointment to be synced, in real use this delay shouldnt be noticable.