Planfy system automatically sends booking confirmations, reminders and other notifications via SMS.

Normally, 1 SMS is limited to 144 characters. If text is longer than the allowed character limit, more than one SMS is sent. In some languages (like Greek or Russian) the maximum character limit can be much lower because the mentioned languages have "nonstandard letters". For such languages, the character limit can be ~70 characters or even less.

If your language uses special letters, there is a solution to help you increase your character limit. This feature is called "SMS transliteration". It allows you to convert special letters to Latin alphabet.

For instance, instead of showing Russian letters in your SMS, it will show the sound of the word in Latin letters: 1) "spasibo" instead of Russian word "Спасибо" which means "thanks"; 2) “dobry den” instead of Russian phrase "Добрый день" which means “good afternoon”.

This is a good way to save space in your SMS thereby saving you SMS credits since fewer messages have to be sent.

By default, transliteration feature is disabled and has to be enabled upon your request. If you would like to use transliteration in your SMS, please contact Planfy support team via live chat and we will activate this feature for your account.