If you’d like certain services to be available only during specific hours which are different from your default business opening times, you can achieve this by utilising multiple staff.

For example, if a dental clinic is open from 9am to 6pm but manager wants to schedule "dental check-ups" only during morning sessions (such as from 9am to 12pm), they may create a new dedicated user for that purpose (https://www.planfy.com/portal/staff). Then, on the "working hours" tab disable the "Use Company Hours" toggle for that user and set custom working hours from 9am to 12pm as shown below.

In the next step, the "dental check-up" service needs to be assigned to the newly created staff which has working hours from 9am to 12pm. You can do so on the services page (https://www.planfy.com/portal/services) by selecting the new user.

Now, when customers place bookings online and choose "Dental Check-up" as the service, they will see available times only between 9am and 12pm. This happens because "Dental Check-up" is assigned to a user whose working hours are from 9am to 12pm.