Great news! We have been working hard to improve the Planfy Business Portal to make it easier for you to manage your salon / business.

You’ve probably noticed we’ve changed the look and feel of Planfy to be more friendly and have tried to simplify all interfaces. By adjusting the layout we have been able to fit more content on the screen and reduce the amount of scrolling required to use Planfy, especially on smaller screens and iPads.

You may have noticed we have removed the guides from each of the main sections. We realised that a good user interface should be self explanatory and shouldn’t need to be explained. We have replaced these with illustrations and short descriptions which we hope make Planfy more approachable for new users. From now on we will be publishing guides and tutorials on this blog to help users discover new ways to use Planfy to manage their business.

The customers section has had a nice revamp and is the beginning of our plan to convert the customers section into a more powerful customer database for your business. With GDPR laws introduced in May we felt the need to add features which allow you to trace where customers information came from and you are now able to fully delete a customers information if you are required to. You can also export a CSV of your customer data to make it easier to migrate to another system.