In the last 10 years mobile apps have exploded in popularity. There are currently 6 millions apps available to download and you might be wondering if you need an app for your business.

Recent trends show that apps are actually in decline and although people download a lot of apps they only use a handful of them regularly. Apps will get used only if they are useful to the user on a regular basis.

As a salon you want to make it as easy as possible for users to book an appointment, the Planfy booking widget already works on mobile devices and therefore as long as the user can find the webpage, they can easily book an appointment. This is where an app could actually be more useful because the user does not have to go hunting for a webpage. They would simply need to find the icon on their home screen. Fortunately, Planfy has a solution for this as it encourages end-customers to bookmark booking widget after a successful booking process.

It’s worth to note that at Planfy we offer full mobile apps as an extension of our web app however we believe in some cases the web app is actually more convenient as the user does not need to download an app before using it. What is more, we can conveniently provide the booking link at the time when we remind customers to book their next appointment. We also advise users to add the webpage to their home screen so that they can more easily find it next time.

With the rise of Progressive Web Apps, fully native apps may soon become unnecessary and Google (Android) is already heading in this new direction.