We are pleased to announce the launch of our New Online Booking Widget which we have been developing over the last few months.

After identifying a number of problems with our old solution we decided a re-design from the ground up was the best way to go. The new widget improves user experience and allow customers to book your services easily. Meanwhile the new widget offers even more flexibility for you as a business, and paves the way for upcoming features.

Customers no longer need to leave your website to book an appointment, the widget can be embedded directly onto your website and with 80% of users now using mobile devices we designed it with this in mind.

The new step by step process guides the user through their booking to avoid any confusion about what to do next. We carefully designed the process to ensure that the most common path was the simplest.

First Available Staff

We are pleased to announce that bookers can now choose to see the first available times. We understand that although some may like to choose a specific member of staff, many prefer to see a wider choice of times.

Login / Authentication

Authentication is important for many reasons but can cause friction on any website / app. Our new login process makes it easy for users to login even if they have forgot their password. If they have forgotten they already have an account we seamlessly send them a 6 digit code to avoid any friction.

Payments and Deposits

Collecting payments is more flexible than ever. In your booking policy you can decide if you want to collect the full payment or just a deposit. The deposit can be a fixed amount or a percentage of your choice. 25p is the minimum deposit that can be taken. Of course there is still an option to collect no payment and allow your customers to pay in person. The checkout screen shows the customer how much they will need to pay today and how much they will need to pay in person before securely collecting the payment.

Time Selection

When booking multiple services, customers can now clearly see the times used for their other services. This makes it really easy to book multiple appointments one after another and prevents customers from trying to book clashing appointments.

Translations / Languages

The new booking widget has already been translated into 30 languages. We are still adding new languages upon request to ensure the quality of translations and we have a process that allows us to do this quickly. We detect languages based on the users browser settings so if you are a company that serves customers in multiple languages we have you covered.


Timezones are clearly shown during the booking process to avoid any confusion. We don’t convert times to the users timezone as we found that this actually adds further confusion.

How to Upgrade To The New Widget?

No upgrade is necessary, we have already deployed the new widget to all websites and profile pages so your customers can start booking with your new widget today! Keep an eye on our blog (or subscribe) for more upcoming features which will further improve experience for both you and your customers.