How to synchronise bookings between Planfy & Google Calendar

Planfy calendar works well on mobile devices and laptops however if you prefer to use Google Calendar, you can link Planfy system with your Google account which enables appointment syncing between the two platforms.

In order to setup calendar syncing, go to “Staff” page, choose a specific team member whose calendar should be synced, click on the “Advanced” tab and then on the “Setup Sync” button. This will send a setup email to the email address of the staff.

When you receive the email from Planfy, click on the “Sync Calendars” link which will direct you to Google where you will be asked to login to your account and give permission for Planfy to sync appointments with Google Calendar.

Now if you refresh the staff page in Planfy Portal, you should notice that there is a message in “Advanced” tab indicating the last time calendar syncing was complete as shown in the video below. Please note that appointments are synced every 5 minutes.