Planfy allows you to accept upfront payments and deposits for online bookings. If you would like to enable online payments, go to the “Settings” page and click on the “Online Payments” option. On this page, you will be able to link your Stripe account with Planfy.

We use Stripe as it’s the leading payment gateway for online businesses. Planfy is not an intermediary and we do not handle payment processing because online payments are direct from your customers to your Stripe account and then your bank.

How to require upfront payments or deposits for services

If your business requires advance deposits for online bookings, you can enable the deposits feature on the “Booking Policy” page. Go to “Settings”, next select “Company Details” and then click on the “Booking Policy” tab. There you will find a “Payment/deposit” section.

This setting gives you the option to require full or partial upfront payments. In addition, you can choose between percentage or fixed amount payments. It is also possible to require deposits only if customer is booking a high value service. For example, you can set the deposits to be required only if booking value is over $200.