Introducing Pet Record Forms for Vets & Pet Groomers

We have some great news for Veterinarians and Pet Groomers. In addition to recently adding the “Appointment Note” forms to customers section, we’ve also added a new custom “Pet Form” to Planfy portal. It allows Vets and Pet groomers to store more information about pets such as their breed, age, allergies, skin conditions, special requirements and more.

How to start recording additional pet information using “Pet Forms”

1. Please go to your customers page ( ), select the customer for which you would like to add the pet form, click on the “Forms” tab and then on the “Add New Form” button.

2. This will open a popup where you can select what type of form you want to add. Select the “Pet Information” form and click on the “Add Form” button.

3. This will open the “Pet Form” where you can enter a variety of pet details including name, type, breed, date of birth, gender, special requirements, allergies, owner contact details, vet & emergency contact details, skin conditions and more.

Planfy system is flexible and allows you to update existing pet records and create multiple forms for each customer.