We are happy to announce a new useful feature that has become available for Planfy booking system users.

You may be already familiar with the “direct service booking links” feature which enables you to pre-select a specific service in your booking widget when your customers visit the widget page. Similarly, now it is possible to have “direct staff booking links” which pre-select a specific staff.

Where to find direct staff booking links

You can find direct staff links by going to the Staff page and selecting one of the team members as displayed in the screenshot.

Next, click on the Settings tab at the top which will open a page where the direct booking link will be rendered.

How direct staff links work in the widget

When your customers open direct staff links, the widget automatically pre-selects the staff and shows only services provided by that particular staff.

For example, imagine a scenario where a business has 5 staff who in total provide 30 services. Melinda provides 2 services and other 28 services are offered by the rest of the team. Melinda’s direct booking link would open a widget which would look like the following screenshot.

Notice that the above widget doesn’t show services provided by other staff and also customers cannot see or select other team members. Effectively, the direct staff booking link turned this widget into Melinda’s personal booking widget.