We recommend filling more information about your company in Planfy portal as it makes your business booking profile page look better and lead to higher rankings and increased traffic. You can upload additional information on the “Company Details” page.

How to add company details

Click on the navigation menu and go to “Settings” page. There you will find a “Company Details” card. Click on it and on the next page you will be presented with information about your business including your logo, description, industry type, address, phone number, email, website address, timezone and more as shown in the video below.

The more details you provide, the better your profile will look to your customers and this will also positively affect your rankings in Google Search results and on Planfy marketplace meaning more traffic and customers booking your services.

How to set your currency, timezone & language

On the “Company Details” page, you can also select your local currency and timezone. These settings are important since they are used in your calendar and the booking widget.

Planfy system detects your customers’ language based on the language setting in their web browser. This allows the system to automatically translate all customer facing elements such as the booking widget, SMS and emails.

If you don’t want your booking widget to be translated automatically and prefer the widget to display in a specific language, you can force a specific language on the widgets page. There you just need to select your preferred language and use the newly generate widget code/link.

As demonstrated in the video above, in order to create your photo and video gallery, click on the “Gallery” tab. On this page, you are able to upload your media files which present your business well. You can organise the photos, add headings and descriptions. All this information helps your prospective customers learn more about your business and lead to boost in online bookings.