How to increase or decrease service prices on specific days

Sometimes businesses want to have different prices for a day. For example, you may have a Black Friday discount and offer 20% savings across all of your services or, alternatively, you anticipate a busy period before Christmas which may justify an increase in prices by 20%.

Planfy booking system allows you to easily change prices for specific days. To do so, click on the “cog icon” next to weekday in the calendar header to access the “Day Settings”.

In the popup choose the “Edit Prices” tab. This will give you options to configure your prices for that particular day. You may increase and decrease prices in percentage terms or by a fixed amount. Once you are finishing editing, click the “Save Changes” button.

Now when you add new bookings via calendar or when customers book services online for that particular day, all your service prices will be adjusted based on the changes in the “Edit Prices” popup.

See the video below for a demonstration how to set custom prices for specific days.

Please note that the above changes alter prices only for one day. If you want to change prices permanently, you can do so on the “Services” page (