Customise Working Hours for Specific Staff and Days

Planfy system allows you to set business hours and also specific working days/hours for each employee individually. If you go to , select one of the staff, then click on the “Working Hours”, this allows you to set custom working hours for that specific staff which overwrites the global working hours of your business.

Custom hours for a specific day

What is more, it is also possible to have one-off “closed” days or custom workin hours for a day if needed. If you go to your calendar, then click on the little “cog icon” next to the weekday title, this will open a popup where you can set “custom working hours” for that particular day only as shown in the video below.

Do you accept online bookings only few days every month?

If you accept online bookings only for a couple days every month, you can use custom working hours for specific days to plan your schedule.

Set your global business hours to be always closed and then in the calendar select specific days and add custom working hours. This will overwrite the default business hours for the selected days and your customers will be able to book services for the specific days.